Imagine you could just Google “car insurance cheap” and magically your car was insured, with the cheapest rates possible! No doubt, you don’t want to spend more than necessary, but it can be confusing to try to compare car insurance policies. 

There’re all kinds of insurance companies out there, all wanting to sign you up. Incredible assortments of options make comparing policies almost impossible. If it were easy, everyone would have the same insurance with the same company. 

But here are a few tips to help you find your car insurance as cheap as can be.

  1. Car Insurance Cheap when you Ask for a Discount

Insurance companies have lots of different discounts. You’ll be amazed by how many ways you can get car insurance cheap if you just ask or do some of these things.

  • Bundle your car insurance with your other policies, like your homeowners or renters’ insurance.
  • Insure more than one car on one policy.
  • Have a clean driving record.
  • Pay annually or the six-month premium up front. 
  • Receive documents by email or online when you log into their website.
  • Install anti-theft or certain safety features in the car.
  • Become a member of a professional organization or affiliate group.

Just because they offer a discount, don’t be fooled. Compare rates from other companies. The rate may be less than their first quote, but that doesn’t make it as cheap as you can get it. 

  1. Commercials and Ads for Cheap Car Insurance

Just because you saw an ad that said the company offers cheap car insurance, doesn’t mean it is so. The companies spend money on those commercials, so you think they offer low rates. But no one insurer offers the lowest prices to everyone.  

  1. Big Companies and Small Companies, too 

There are only four (humongous!) insurance companies that control over half of America’s auto insurance. But there are smaller, regional insurers that often rate higher in customer satisfaction. And the smaller companies have good deals, too.

  1. Consider the Cost of Insurance when Buying a Car

You think about things like gas mileage and repair costs when you buy a car but consider insurance premiums, too. The make, model and year can make a big difference in how cheap your car insurance premiums are. 

  1. Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

Reconsider your comprehensive and collision coverage once your car gets old. Collision pays to repair your vehicle if you run into a fence or another car. Comprehensive pays for weather damage, animal crashes, fire, floods, vandalism and theft. But the max payout is limited to the value of your totaled car. If your car isn’t worth much, it may be better to save the insurance premiums and just buy a new car if you need one. 

  1. Raise Comprehensive and Collision Deductibles

If you do decide to buy comprehensive and collision insurance, save money by choosing higher deductibles. 

  1. Usage-based and Pay-per-mile Insurance

If you don’t drive much, a usage-based program might be cheap car insurance for you. The big insurance companies have an option where you let them track you as you drive, for possible discounts. The discounts are based on what times of the day you drive, how well you can drive, plus how much driving you do. 

It does mean giving up privacy in exchange for cheap car insurance. With less than 10,000 miles annually, you save money on most mileage-based programs.  

  1. Have a Good Credit Rating for Cheap Car Insurance 

Credit scores matter for the best rates in most states.  Only Massachusetts, California, and Hawaii don’t let insurance companies use your credit rating to set the premium. The insurance companies claim that credit scores correlate with the chance of filing a claim.

Getting car insurance cheap means doing some research. Get some quotes and follow these hints to get the cheapest rates possible. 

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